Beautiful Celebrity Tan

Beautiful Celebrity Tanning Lotion

Imagine Yourself with a Beautiful Golden-Bronze Celebrity Tan at the Next Party.
You will:


                  CLICK THE PIC

  • Look the picture of health
  • Look as if you have just returned from a Bahamas vacation
  • Look pounds lighter
  • Be the coolest person in the room
  • Get all the attention in the mall, on the street, or any place you go.
  • You will look and feel like a movie star.

This tanning process is honed to perfection and will not leave patchy orange blemishes on your skin. Just apply the lotion in the morning and in a few hours you will be the same as if you had just stepped off the beach.

Use with ALTAWHITE teeth whitening preparation to Look like a Billion Dollars like Donald Trump

No risk of UVA skin cancer with IDOL-TAN and you can safely use sun factor cream on the beach to give you that Mediterranean look, and nobody will know you are not ‘sun’ tanned.


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