How to Get Rid of Varicose Veins

How to Get Rid of Varicose Veins

There are some various theories as to the origin of varicose veins, and I suspect some of those belong in mythology.


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Nevertheless, varicose veins are more likely to show up in women than men, which leads the ‘experts’ to connect the dots, with female hormones being the villain.

Pregnancy increases a woman’s blood volume and increases pressure in her veins, and simultaneously the high level of progesterone would dilate her veins—presumably all over, not just her legs. But if you add this to the pressure of the uterus on her pelvic vein, which transmit further pressure onto the leg veins – this would cause varicose veins. Feasible you must agree!

Menstruation can also be blamed as it can cause pressure, again because of the increase in blood volume prior to the period, which has given us a cause of leg itching during this cursed phase.

If you consider lifestyle as a main factor to vascular problems, you won’t be far from the truth. Smoking interferes with your serum fibrin, which is your blood clotting agent; the one that stops you bleeding to death if you cut your finger while slicing carrots. You might ask why then do you get varicose veins if your blood doesn’t clot, but it seems to be a fact biochemists know, and tell us that degeneration of fibrin will lead to thrombosis.

Being overweight isn’t directly responsible for varicose veins, but the added burden can add to their severity, apparently more so for those persons who have inherited them through genes – that’s the passed on dodgy leg veins again.

Lifting heavy weights and running on solid or hard surfaces like concrete may also speed the development of vein problems. This is if you already have them. I doubt if going to the gym and track events would cause varicose veins. The opposite in fact – will do them the world of good!

The people who have inherited weak valves in leg veins should know at an early age and those too lazy to investigate dietary or other causes will suffer into old age and eventually have surgery. The object is to take action before they become like a map of a canal system.

 How to Stop Varicose Veins by Injections

If the veins are large and troublesome the most recommended method of treatment is sclerotherapy. This is the advice of Doctor Arthur Bertolino of NY University Medical Center.

The optimal dimension recommended for treatment is the width of a ball pen line. If the veins are too small the doctor is unable to insert a needle.

However, if you have many more than just a few on your legs or face, sclerotherapy is usually the best way to go. A small hypodermic needle injects a solution into the vein and the red will disappear almost immediately. But there is a small side effect. You could have a muscle cramp in the lower calf or near the ankle; this is only temporary though and will vanish after a quick massage. It’s not known what the face side effects are(?).

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